Embeding adobe Flash objects converted to HTML5 as Xamarin control ?

Did anyone try to embedded html5 as animated background or even as multi action, multi state Xamarin control ?

Flash converted by:
or by https://helpx.adobe.com/animate/how-to/convert-flash-ads-to-html5.html
It is possible in WPF:

I did that also in windows phone, but in JS WPH project.

There is no better tool for me to do animations, collision detection, bone tool and all UI stuff than Adobe Flash.
There is no better tool for application logic, server commutation, unit testing so that is power of C#, mvvm and Xamarin.
Would like to do it native (Xamarin) without all AIR proxy(html5 objects)

Did anyone try to merge XAMARIN and HTML5 (from Adobe flash) as control ?



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