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HasUnevenRows not working for 2 nested listviews

In my application , i have 3 nested listviews in Xamarin forms , and when one cell is clicked it should expand the cell and show the data. The data i has been binded successfully , and the list is populated. The First 2 level listviews works as expected (The row expands and shows the child listview).But when 3rd listview expands the first level listview doesn't expand dynamically according to new content.
If anyone knows the solution to dynamically resize the content in listview , please share here.

Thanks in advance


  • sumitsisodia.9614sumitsisodia.9614 USMember ✭✭

    Jayasai Goutheman can you show the code .i have project to create 3 level expandable listview but i am not able to create .
    pls share your code with me .

    pls help

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