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Xamarin.UITest future

We are currently evaluating the adoption of the Xamarin Test Cloud solution along with the Xamarin.UITest framework for a project but yesterday it was announced that :"The existing Calabash tests will continue to run in Test Cloud until breaking changes are introduced in future OS versions, at which point existing tests may begin to fail."
As stated in the Introduction to Xamarin.UITest: "Xamarin.UITest, an Automated UI Acceptance Testing framework based on Calabash that allows programmers to write and execute tests in C# and NUnit that validate the functionality of iOS and Android Apps.". So, will the UITest framework continue to work as intended or it will suffer for this changes considering that it is actually based on Calabash?

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  • EmrahDautbegovicEmrahDautbegovic USMember ✭✭

    Is there any possibility of integration with the other testing frameworks. I'm facing with some issues that cannot be solved for now. For example, I can cover just a half of my app because I must turn on the Bluetooth automatically and XTC doesn't support it.

  • Kent.GreenKent.Green USXamarin Team Xamurai

    @EmrahDautbegovic I'm not sure what you mean about integration for other testing frameworks; however, you can search for / add related feature requests here:

    A possible workaround is to backdoors to test functionality without directly depending on a device's Bluetooth capabilities:

    (But I don't know enough about your scenario to be certain, that's just a general solution for many issues where you can't test something directly / normally)

  • KartikBansalKartikBansal INMember ✭✭

    Good to hear the Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin UItest will be supported actively in future as well.

    We are in the middle of planning our UI testing strategy and we are confused on what would be the right framework to choose between Xamarin.UItest and Appium.
    We would ideally like to go for Appium considering wide community support for it but since test cloud only supports Java for Appium, we are hesitant.

    Is there any plans to support c# based Appium tests?

    And does anyone has a strong case for choosing one framework over the other for testing on Xamarin Test Cloud ?

  • Kent.GreenKent.Green USXamarin Team Xamurai

    I'm not aware of any current plans for Appium C# support, but a request to add that is here:, you can vote for the feature request on that page.

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