Xamarin University trial is a joke

SuperRooSuperRoo AUMember

What's going on with the web site for Xamarin university..have joined up for a 30 day trial to look at some vids yet every time I try to view a vid it demands I join up again...getting nowhere fast !!!

This site is useless...get you act together...you want people to learn Xamarin and then put this garbage up.


  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    I hope when your software has issues that need to be fixed your users are more polite to you.

  • SuperRooSuperRoo AUMember

    I started off following the Microsoft pdf about Xamarin forms:Microsoft_Press_eBook_CreatingMobileAppswithXamarinForms_PDF.
    Which is totally out of date with VS 2017 and makes you waste hours trying to sort out the problems.

    Next I went through an online guide to getting started with Xamarin Forms to find that the solution won't build as it can't resolve the reference Xamarin.Android.Support.Annotations. Looking at your own forums this is an issue that is not addressed.

    So I go to the University site thinking that "SOMETHING" on this site must be working...to find no!!!...it is just as junky as the rest of it. So if you think it is MY issue then you need to look again...in the real world it is the client problems that need to be addressed, not the client.

    Anything where a new user is going to be trying out the code and that code does not work is a bad reflection on the company...if it doesn't work on VS 2017, say so...if it requires specific versions then say so but then again if it is so touchy as to require specific versions then that needs looking into.

    I'm angry because I'm wasting time trying to sort out the problems instead of doing the work.

  • SuperRooSuperRoo AUMember

    I take it all back...found this video from Mash that is starting to make sense.

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