How to configure mac build host for ios project creation on visual studio

I could able to build and run the IOS app created using xamarinstudio but I could not able to connect the mac buid host. I tried all possibilities like Installing,Provisioning , turning off firewall. please help.


  • jayarunjayarun USMember

    I am using Xamarin trial version

  • KevinMullinsKevinMullins USMember, Beta ✭✭

    You might be hitting this issue... the Mac and the Windows machines might not be on the same domain. By default, the Mac will share the default Windows WORKGROUP group. If you are in a corporate setting this will need to be adjusted.

    If you using the the defaults you might need to adjust some setting on the Mac. In System Preferences > Network > Advanced... > DNS add "home" to the Search Domains.

    When the Mac boots you might also get a message about allow network access to the Mac Build Host (can't remember the exact message off the top of my head) answer OK. And make sure that Xamarin Studio in running on the Mac before trying to connect from the PC.

    Hope that helps!

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