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The installed Xamarin.iOS(version 10.10) on Mac is not compatible with local Xamarin.iOS(10.99)

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I have been unable to fix this error, even after downgrading my Xamarin.iOS to Xamarin.iOS version 4.5 MAy 10th 2017 version (that is the lowerst I believe supports 10.10) so that the PC Visual studio build machine and the Mac are on the same version.

  • That has not helped. What am i missing.
  • I have attached the Error that comes in Visual Studio 2017, when the PC tried to connect to the MAC for builds.

Note: Xamarin.iOS 10.99 is going to be part of a future release along with Xcode 9, which is a long long way of. So I need to know what can be done to downgrade and match with Xamarin.iOS 10.10, which is the latest and greatest that is available on the Stable channel

  • Downgrading was attempted on the PC . So that it is at the same version as the MAC. That is what is not working.

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