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Can't debug Xamarin Forms App on UWP


I'd like to run my app (which runs perfectly fine on android) on my windows tablet.

When running the debugger, I get the following error message:

Files contain an invalid value:
The given file and/or path name is too long.
The fully qualified filename has to be shorter than 260 characters and the path has to be shorter than 248 characters.

Altough above string only is 166 chars long. How can this be fixed? Thanks!


  • Sumit_SharmaSumit_Sharma USMember ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017

    I hope this will help , Please move your project to Another location , preferably to C Drive , for shorter path.

    like c:\Project\YourProject

  • Hello, thanks for this. I also tried this approach without it solving the issue.

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