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Option to 'Add Nuget Packages' Grayed out on PCL


I just downloaded Visual Studio for Mac and plan on moving my Xamarin development over from Xamarin studio.

However in building some test projects I'm having a strange issue. I've created a new solution, i.e. "HelloWorld," and it seems to build just fine,
but when I go to add Nuget packages to the PCL, it won't let me. The menu option is grayed out. I can add Nuget to both the HelloWorld.ios and
HelloWorld.droid libraries, but VS won't let me add them to the PCL.

I figure that there's a step I'm missing. Can anybody help me figure this out?



  • MichaelNaglerMichaelNagler USMember

    Upon closer inspection, it appears as though the PCL that is created does not include a "Packages" directory. This seems to happen whenever I create a new solution in Visual Studio for Mac. Does anybody know why this might be happening?

  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    I am guessing that you created a shared project (.shproj). PCL projects have a References and a Packages folder. Shared projects do not.

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