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Get started on MVVM Mobile Apps faster with MvvmAtom

A new MVVM library has been posted on NuGet+GitHub. It provides the essential classes to get started with MVVM. Due to small size, it has a smaller learning curve and faster performance.
At the same time, it covers the most commonly used functionality of MVVM i.e. View Models, Commands and interface for navigation.

Please try it out and provide any feedback.




  • N_BauaN_Baua INMember ✭✭✭✭✭


    Great post on LinkedIn, However it would have been good if you have compared few FWs/Libs like MVVMCross, MVVMLight,PRISM and MVVMAtom.

    I've gone through the MVVMAtom on GIT and it sounds promising however looks more or less a blend of other framework, though the learning curve is not so steep like PRISM or MVVMLight that's the good factor, I would say.

    Can you please make some (feature) comparison table in your capacity as with few frameworks and update your Pulse article? That would in my opinion be awesome.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts though.

    N Baua

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