sort error pad by error code; add error code in options

Hello Xamarin,

after copying my C# code from Visual Studio to Xamarin I get 800 warnings of various kinds in the Error Pad. Most warnings can be dealt with very quickly, but in order to do that effectively, I would like to deal with all warnings of one kind before proceeding to the next kind. Therefore it would be very useful if these warnings could be sorted by error code (which would probably require the error code to be in an extra column within the error pad) - or at least, sort by the error pad by the description column which would have a similar effect (while at present, only the "file" and "project" columns are sortable).


P.S.: Yes, I could of course use the options to deactivate all warning types but one... but that would just be an ineffective workaround. By the way, in the options (Source Code / C# / Code Analysis) you should definitely add the error codes everywhere. For instance, the error pad (German localization) shows the error description "Dem Feld '...' wurde ein Wert zugewiesen, der aber nie verwendet wird (CS0414)", while in the options dialog, all errors are listed in English. So which one is it? Entering CS0414 in the filter line does not produce any result (as the error code is missing), so I need to guess what the original English error description is and find it within the list...


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