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Visual studio unable to Identify Xamarin Tests

Hi Everyone,
I writing few automation scripts to test android app using Visual studio 2015 Enterprise version. I wrote a simple android app to load a map and doing some operations like zoom in and out.

First I just updated the Apkfile details and executed the test case, it just worked fine. after add few lines like
app.PinchToZoomOutCoordinates(10, 10); I build the project, from then I cant see any test listed in test explorer. But if I upload this project to Xamarin cloud test are passing. Am I missing any thing/ do I need to install any package ?


namespace UITest1
    public class Tests
        AndroidApp app;

    public void BeforeEachTest()
        app = ConfigureApp

    public void AppLaunches()
        app.Screenshot("First screen.");
        app.PinchToZoomOutCoordinates(10, 10);


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  • ManikantaKotthapalli.4983ManikantaKotthapalli.4983 USMember ✭✭
    edited June 2017

    Yes I installed NUnit v2.6.4, NUnit3TEstAdapter v3.7.0 , Xamarin.UITest v2.0.9. I have VS17, VS15 Professional version and enterprise version but no luck.

    But I switched to NUnitTestAdapter2.1.1. now in VS17. They are working.

    Thanks @Mr.Pearce and @ShantimohanElchuri.

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