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How To Load a Local animated gif in webview, not an asset but a file downloaded in app storage


I have to download .gif files from the internet into the application storage in Xamarin.Forms PCL Project.
I use PCL Storage for that and that works perfectly.

Then I have to display the now local gifs in a webview control.
And this doesn't work.
The gifs have to be animated but also not animated or jpeg don't work.

I found threats about it and lots of discussions but most are about resource files, which is not the case for me
and nothing worked for now.

At the xamarin event at msg in cologne we also tried but did not succeed.

Any advise?
Best would of course be a sample.

Also: Are there special prefixes for Filepath uri or string to a local file for the different platforms?

Of course it would be very good if I could keep all my code in the PCL project with no platform specific code, like I was able until now.

It is really frustrating that this, on the first impression so small problem, is keeping my project stucked completly!

Thanks a lot!



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