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CodePage not supported

I have the following code to convert to ASCII (even extended to 255):

public static int DeStringASCII(string ElString77S)
// ElNumASCII = ClassCaracteres_C.DeStringASCII(ElStringS);
byte[] Losbytes77B = Encoding.GetEncoding(437).GetBytes(ElString77S);
byte ElByte77B = Losbytes77B[0];
return Convert.ToInt32(ElByte77B);

But in the line:

byte[] Losbytes77B = Encoding.GetEncoding(437).GetBytes(ElString77S);

Xamarin Studio gives the following error:

"CodePage not supported".

Any idea?


  • This code Works perfect in Visual Studio

  • In your project options, go to Build->iOS/Android Build->Advanced tab->Internationalization and check "west" codepage

  • Adrian, where is that menú?
    I Xamarin Studio i see only "Build" option but not the next you mentioned: "IOS/Android Build"
    Thank you

  • I paid for the licence first and then follow Adrians instructions and now it is working

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