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How to modify for custom types from Sharpie

StevenLivingstoneStevenLivingstone GBMember
edited April 2017 in Xamarin.iOS

Hi. I only started looking at Sharpie which is great and generated API definitions today. I now have code generating etc, but i have an issue with one area.

An example is this code:

    // @property (readonly, nonatomic) GCDAsyncSocket * asyncSocket;
    [Export ("asyncSocket")]
    GCDAsyncSocket AsyncSocket { get; }

GCDAsyncSocket is a native type that obviously Sharpie couldn't map. There are a few others like this in the generated code.

I also have this code:

    // -(void)sendAuthElement:(DDXMLElement *)element;
    [Export ("sendAuthElement:")]
    void SendAuthElement (DDXMLElement element);

Again i don't know what to do with DDXMLElement :-(

How do i go about modifying my code to get this working? Not specifically for this native type but the general approach? I have about 8000 tabs open with doco and samples but nothing really answers this question so if you have insight or a specific walkthrough, it would be much appreciated.

FWIW, the library i am trying to use in my Xamarin project .... well get compiling initially .... is:

many thanks,


  • FrankerosFrankeros ARMember ✭✭

    Hi GCDAsyncSocket is from CocoaAsyncSocket library.
    Could you generate the DLL of this library?

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