Windows App to OSX Guidance / Project for Hire

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I'm looking for a little guidance and/or someone who may be interested in some freelance work.

I have an existing .NET solution made up of a few projects (C# console project, Windows Service, Installer Project). The installer wizard asks for a few parameters (database string, pwd), installs the console project, windows service, and starts then starts service. The service then makes various calls to the console executable on a scheduled basis.

I would like to port this project over to OSX and given my familiarity with C#, I'm exploring Xamarin / Mono Mac.

Here is where I need some Guidance:

  1. Installer - it appears that you need to create a Xamarin.Mac project to get the packaging options within the IDE. Console projects do not offer the packaging menu option. Creating a Xamarin.Mac project creates UI which I don't need. I suppose I could use the Xamarin.Mac projects .xib to get the details that the Windows installer prompted for. If I do that is there a way to call the Xamarin.Mac project from command line without having a dialog shown?

  2. Service - I don't know how services work on a Mac. I've read that you can schedule CRON jobs which I suppose I could leverage. Any guidance on how to accomplish this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi @JMann! Most Mac applications won't require an installation process and I suggest you go that way. Now I don't know much about your application. Distribution? What kind of users will use it? Is there a configuration modification process?

    In any case, I suggest you make a small UI application that keeps an icon in system tray and offer a preference pane that you could use for configuration. That application could be launched at OSX boot and could hold a CRON scheduler like Quartz. Then instead of having a console application, a simple assembly would suffice. That kind of application, apart from using Quartz if you never did, seems pretty basic. The samples probably cover what you would need to accomplish.

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