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Organising using vertical architecture

AndenAnden DKMember


I'm fairly new to Xamarin and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience of organizing your project's architecture vertically?
What I'm trying to achieve is one or several features that should be combined into one project (e.g. Info view, Contact view) and then every app that should use these features can import that project into there respectively solution.

Is this possible?


  • Xami3Xami3 PKMember, University ✭✭✭

    @Anden sorry what does "architecture vertically" mean? do you want to create some kind of your own controls which you provide inform of dlls/separate projects which can be used in any other solution or even given to someone else?

  • AndenAnden DKMember

    Yes, I would like to slice my application vertically into several dlls/projects including UI, logic and remote api calls. Instead of horizontally slicing application in different layers one for UI, one for logic etc.

  • Xami3Xami3 PKMember, University ✭✭✭

    @Anden well it depends upon you project/solution. if you application is 2-3 page application then why do all these but anyway it is fine.

    you can do something like this.
    create classlibrary project for Weblayer, common/shared Layer, Bussiness layer. create folders in your main PCL for View, Models and ViewModels. or even you can create a project for UI/pages too but i think this is too much.

    then reference all your newly created portable class library projects in your main PCL. and you are done.

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