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I have a program (125 projects) that runs fine in Debug mode on the emulator. It fails in Release mode on the emulator with the exception TypeInitializationException ( i guess it can't instantiate a zip class).
My options are set as this:

  • Linking : None
  • Use Shared Runtime: Off
  • Fast devel: Off
  • Bundle: Off
    For me this settings allows all assemblies with all methods embedded in the apk, but apparently not.
    BTW, switching on Use Shared Runtime will fix that, but i don' t want to use that when i am going to deploy.
    Is there a difference in running Release build in emulator or making a real deploy?
    Q2: why does switching linking off, or to SDK-Only. not embed all the classes/members? Can i change that?



  • How can i force the linker to include ALL classes ?

    It seems many classes can't instantiate especially those for data contracts ?

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