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Configure Xamarin.Android on VSO

I'm setting up a CI build with VSO for my Xamarin.Forms (Android) app but I have a lot of error. I would appreciate if someone tell me how I can configure xamarin.Android build step.
what should I address in the project field? should I give project sln or in the .Droid folder .csproj ?
I could not find any document about this configuration.

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  • Maharshi.5212Maharshi.5212 USMember ✭✭

    Project sln is the one that you should open . Hope that helps

  • @Maharshi.5212
    When I select sln file I have this error " Error MSB4057: The target "PackageForAndroid" does not exist in the project."

  • PranavKandulaPranavKandula USUniversity

    I am running into the same issue. Can anyone help? The build doesn't complain about Xamarin License. Does it need one? Although I am a licensed Xamarin user, does VSO need to know that explicitly?

  • motowilliamsmotowilliams USMember

    You need to point your build step to the project file instead of the solution file.

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