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x86 based AVD

When I go to debug my .Droid project in Visual Studio 2015, I'm getting the suggestion "Running an x86 based Android Virtual Device (AVD) is 10x faster. We strongly recommend creatng a new AVD."

I tried to follow all the on-line instructions to create such a creature but I'm afraid the documentation I found is 4-6 years old and hard for a novice like me to follow.

I got HAXM 6.0.3 installed. What I need are instructions to create an "x86 based Android Virtual Device." Can anybody point me to up-to-date and easy-to-understand directions please.


  • NoumanAliNoumanAli USMember

    I am facing the same type of thing. However, I tried to create a virtual machine with x86 but still emulator whenever it start shows the same message.

  • TomPeerTomPeer USMember ✭✭

    Have you downloaded a x86 image with the SDK manager?

  • XamaRin.5948XamaRin.5948 USMember

    In Visual Studio 2017, Tools | Android | Android Emulation Manager, I do not see how to download a suitable emulator. I've tried creating a bunch of different ones, but they all still result in the dialog saying I'm not doing the right thing. Where is a URL with current info on avoiding this issue? Others are having the issue too...

    Why hasn't Visual Studio 2017 fixed this? Bad OOB experience!

  • TomPeerTomPeer USMember ✭✭

    Forget Visual Studio! You have to download a image with the Android SDK Manager!

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