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How may I know which variables are available in the Standard Header preferences pane ?
(I've found a bug report related to this question :


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  • Thanks !

    For those who don't want to read the beautiful MonoDevelop source code, here is a list :

    • FileName
    • FileNameWithoutExtension
    • Directory
    • FullFileName
    • AuthorName
    • AuthorEmail
    • CopyrightHolder
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    There are also the following values built into the StringParserService:

    $(Date), $(Time), $(Year), $(Month), $(Day), $(Hour), $(Minute), $(Second)

    Date/time values, with optional .NET date format string, e.g. $(Date:u) is the date and time in universal sortable format, but $(Date) uses the default format.


    Current user's username


    Environment variable $NAME, e.g. $(Env:PATH) is the $PATH environment variable.


    Xamarin Studio user preference key $KEY

    All values are case insensitive, and you can use curly braces or round brackets, e.g. $(Foo) is equivalent to ${FOO}. Additionally, you can use .NET numeric format strings with any numeric value, and special upper or lower format strings to uppercase or lowercase string value.

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