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Deploy fails to Kindle Fire OS

jhorvjhorv USMember ✭✭

I already submitted a bug report but I'm trying to make it more visible in case it saves you some hassle.

I do most of my testing on a Kindle Fire HD 10" and my devices just recently updated from Fire OS version to
Since then, deployment fails to devices with this OS version - see my bug report for details.
Basically, the device is now running a process with an odd/long user name. This breaks Xamarin's parsing of the output from the ps command.


  • JeffreyOoiJeffreyOoi SGMember
    edited May 2017

    Hi jhorv,

    My Fire tablets have the same issue as well after they auto-update to when I left them in the office. I noticed that the bug report said that the issue has been resolved but I still can't deploy to my Fire devices. I've already updated my Xamarin Studio to the latest version. Are there any steps that I need to perform in order to deploy my app successfully?

    Thanks in advance!

  • jhorvjhorv USMember ✭✭

    Hi Jeffrey,

    The fix hasn't made its way into the "stable" release of Xamarin yet, and unfortunately, it isn't clear when that will happen. I'm sorry to say that my only solution was to find another tablet to develop against.


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