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August 11th, 2016 - Zurich, Switzerland: Azure + Xamarin = <3

charricharri USUniversity, Developer Group Leader
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Join us for our August XamZueri meetup sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Switzerland. This is a FREE event and a great opportunity for networking and the latest insights in mobile development.

RSVP Here: Azure + Xamarin = <3


Thomas Charrière, Community Leader Mobile Computing @ bbv Software Services AG as well as certified Xamarin Mobile Developer shows you how whole backends can be developed for Xamarin Apps in minutes. Thanks to the Cloud the backend can be distributed and skaled seamlessly to suit your App's demands.

The presentation will be held in German.


18:15-18:50 Welcome + Introduction into Xamarin (Sascha Corti, Microsoft)
18:50-19:50 Azure + Xamarin = <3 (Thomas Charriere, bbv)
20:00-21:00 Apéro sponsored by Microsoft


  • mandy.0335mandy.0335 USMember

    I would love to joint this meeting. How do I register to the event in order to be able to Join?

    Why this event is held in German? IS there a remote possibility to have be in English?

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