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Live Inspect button disabled in VS2017?

Hey guys, just wondering why the "Live Inspect" button would be disabled in VS 2017?

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  • prashantvcprashantvc USXamarin Team Xamurai

    What version of Visual Studio are you using? Live app inspection is available for enterprise customers only

  • cs_justincs_justin AUMember
    edited May 2017

    Hi, I'm using VS 2017 Enterprise. The button is there, it's simply disabled. The button doesn't even appear in VS Professional I think? (or if it does I've never noticed it)

    Just want to know what could possibly cause it so I can do some troubleshooting.

    EDIT: For some reason this comment is marked as the accepted answer, which it obviously isn't. Did I click something? If so, please fix this mods :).

  • cs_justincs_justin AUMember

    Thanks Sandy, I'll eagerly await the next update :).

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