How to run a script in Xamarin.ios before build

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I have bind a native library written in ObjC to use it with my Xamarin.ios project, but somehow whenever I call a method from this library and run the app on a real device it get stuck at "Installing application bundle", but when I out comment the code which refer to the library the app gets build correctly.

Here is the steps to setup the framework in a Xcode project (swift) - And the framework in my XCode sample project works just fine.

Since my Xamarin.ios project is stuck at "installing to device" I can't really find out why it won't complete. The only thing I have not tried yet is the "Run script" part. So my question is how can I run this script in Xamarin.ios. Maybe the script part is not the solution.

The "run script" part in my XCode sample project:


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    You can execute the script either pre/post build step in Xamarin.iOS Project. The option is available in Project Options/Build/Custom Commands (see)

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