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DevExpress assembly issue(s)

I have been working on a crossplatform application and somehow got DevExpress package/assembly issues after committing with Vision. Probably ignored too many files? Anyway, I've managed to reach to this point where Xamarin Studio gives me these errors, and I have not found any solution. Been awhile since last time. Anyone know whats missing, there is no path defined. And I have no clue where these 'popupMenu' is referenced.

Error XA4204: Unable to resolve interface type 'DevExpress.Mobile.DataGrid.IPopupMenuNativeCallback'. Are you missing an assembly reference? (XA4204) (VisBookPortable2.Droid)

Error MT2002: Failed to resolve "DevExpress.Mobile.DataGrid.PopupMenuView" reference from "DevExpress.Mobile.Grid.v15.1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" (MT2002) (VisBookPortable2.iOS)


  • ysteinSelbekkysteinSelbekk NOMember, University
    edited June 2015

    Just found the issue :smile:. As some dll files were missing at one point, I have managed to load the wrong version in the PCL and ios/bin/iphoneSimulator/debug and android/bin/debug

    Since the filename of the .dll did not show the whole version number it did not come to mind until i saw the file size were different. :smiley:

  • DesarrolloZapniDesarrolloZapni MXMember

    Failed To Resolve assembly: DevExpress.Mobile.Core.v16.2, Version=, Cultrure=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null (MT2002)


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