Redirection to one of the detail page on push notification tap

ManishSharma.0415ManishSharma.0415 ✭✭USMember ✭✭

Having issue while redirecting user to specific detail page on clicking of push notification in Android. Issue is my rootpage i think. I have Map page as root page and i can get cursor in my detail page but at the end i can see my rootpage. Can any one help me our from this problem?
Thanks in advance.


  • Jesse_JiangJesse_Jiang ✭✭✭ USMember ✭✭✭

    You can pass some parameters into App().
    In push notification receiver, you should pass intent to MainActivity, there is a function
    LoadApplication(new App(args));
    You can pass some page information to there and change the MainPage in App class

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