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Help me please . Problem with Packaging Failed And Build Failed

SuwatSuwat USMember
edited September 2013 in Xamarin.Android

Hi I have a problem with packaging failed and build failed

Error 1 Could not create the Android package. See the Output (Build) window for more details.
Error 2 MonoDroid does not support running the previous version.Please ensure your solution builds before running or debugging it.
Help me to fix it please.


  • TomOpgenorthTomOpgenorth CAXamarin Team Xamurai

    Can you post the contents of the build output?

  • SuwatSuwat USMember

    Excuse me, I began testing the program after installation Xamarin.
    By building project started. I can not begin to run MonoForAndroid_API. I have to do to be able to run MonoForAndroid_API?

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