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Adding image to Resources folder (Xamarin.Forms Android Project) crashes Visual Studio 17 Enterprise

yousufctecyousufctec USMember ✭✭✭

Have anyone gone under the scenario where adding an image to resources folder in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise? Also there are other scenarios as well where Visual Studio 2017 crashes. We are going under a tight development schedule and this sucks up most of the time.

Windows 10 Education
Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise
ReSharper 2017 Ultimate


  • ScottReed.8265ScottReed.8265 USMember

    Yep, just hit this myself. However, I found that I had accidentally copied the item into the Resources folder (what it is called on iOS), and it actually needed to go into Assets under Android. Stopped crashing after I corrected the item location.

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