xamarin.forms - urhosharp 1.4.4 - uwp .. the second execution i get

Could not create window, root cause: 'WinRT only supports one window'. You can omit this exception by subscribing to Urho.Application.UnhandledException event and set Handled property to True.


  • tonyleonetonyleone USMember

    I have this in onappearing in a contentpage called with pushmodalasync...

                if( urhoApp == null )
                    urhoApp = await urhoSurface.Show<GameR>(new ApplicationOptions("Data")
                        Orientation = ApplicationOptions.OrientationType.Landscape

    and the error is in

    public class BaseGame : Application

    in this method

        static void Application_UnhandledException1(object sender, Urho.UnhandledExceptionEventArgs e)
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