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Custom back button text for page in navigation stack

VelocityVelocity NZMember ✭✭✭
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Add a property to specify custom back button text for a page inside a navigation stack.
By default, the title text of the previous page on the stack is used.

API Changes

Add a new attached property which will override the text from Title if provided.

public static readonly BindableProperty BackButtonTextProperty =
    propertyName: nameof(BackButtonText),
    returnType: typeof(string),
    declaringType: typeof(Page),
    defaultValue: default(string));

Intended Use Case

Useful when previous page and/or current page title is too long.
ie. You may simply want to replace it with "Back" or an equivalent UI string for the locale.


Rejected · Last Updated

Already implemented.


  • SamanthaHoutsSamanthaHouts USXamarin Team Xamurai

    How is this different from NavigationPage.BackButtonTitle?

  • VelocityVelocity NZMember ✭✭✭

    @SamanthaHouts said:
    How is this different from NavigationPage.BackButtonTitle?

    Thanks Samantha. I can't believe it! Totally missed seeing this existed as an attached property on NavigationPage.
    As they say, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees! :#

    Please mark this suggestion as closed. The existing functionality is as described above.

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