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How to build mono-urho.dll?

andrekoehlerandrekoehler DEMember ✭✭

Hello, I am trying to port a Windows Forms application with embedded MOGRE content to use the UrhoSharp engine instead. I finished porting a very small 3D scene but the window is already very unresponsive and the Visual Studio profiler indicates that 50% of the CPU load is generated within mono-urho.dll but no details can be shown. So I wanted to try the Direct3D backend instead of the default OpenGL backend that is shipped with the nuget packages.

In order to build the Direct3D backend, I downloaded the GIT repo from April 7, 2017 (commit a92c65a474833e31c1ee412eb1f356fc54e32c5e) because that probably corresponds to the v1.3.0 release of the nuget package. (Tags in the GIT repository to denote releases would be really nice to have.)

I then executed "make Windows32_D3D11" and it ran through without errors, but the file "mono-urho.dll" is nowhere to be found in the build output or source tree. I only got the static library "Urho3D.lib". I can't find any makefiles that could create mono-urho.dll for Windows. How was the "mono-urho.dll" in the nuget package created?

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  • andrekoehlerandrekoehler DEMember ✭✭
    edited April 2017

    Thank you, building the Direct3D 11 version worked but the issue with the unresponsive window persists. I created a new topic for that.

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