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Xamarin.UITest 2.0.0 Supporting iOS 10 and Xcode 8 Released

[UITest] Xamarin.UITest 2.0.0 October 11, 2016

  • Works with Xcode 7 or Xcode 8.
  • Support for iOS 9 and iOS 10 with Xcode 8.
  • If you need to test iOS 8, you must have Xcode 7 installed. macOS Sierra does not support Xcode 7, so keep that in mind when making your macOS upgrade plans.

  • Breaking Changes

  • [iOS] Running iOS tests is only supported on OS-X El Capitan and newer.
  • Added GestureCompletionTimeout property to IWaitTimes. This can be used to allow slower gestures (e.g. drag) to complete when using a short GestureWaitTimeout value. When adding GestureCompletionTimeout values to custom implementations of IWaitTimes, using the same value as GestureWaitTimeout is likely to be appropriate.
  • InvokeUIA: Since Xcode 8 does not support UI Automation, UITest tests that use app.InvokeUIA methods will fail when using Xcode 8. Since Apple has dropped support for UI Automation in Xcode 8, we do not anticipate InvokeUIA working in the future.

  • Improvements

  • [iOS] Added support for iOS 10, Xcode 8 and OS-X Sierra.
  • [iOS] ClearText() now works for elements within web views.
  • Fix for occasional SocketException failures in Test Cloud.
  • [iOS] Providing global wait times using .WaitTimes() which is part of the ConfigureApp class are now honored in Test Cloud.

  • Known Issues

  • [iOS] EnterText() can occasionally be slow or throw errors.

Running UITest with iOS 10 requires:

  • Xamarin.UITest 2.0.0 or later.
  • Device or simulator running iOS 10.
  • Xcode 8.
  • Xamarin Studio 6.1 or later.
  • NUnit 2.6.4 (do not upgrade beyond 2.6.4).

The latest version of UITest supports testing with both Xcode 7 and Xcode 8. Framework and iOS compatibility for UITest is determined by the version of Xcode that is used. A Mac with Xcode 8 installed will be able to test on devices running iOS 10 or iOS 9 using DeviceAgent, but would not be able to test on iOS 8 or below.

If you still need to test on iOS 8 devices or older, we recommend installing Xcode 7 alongside your default installation of Xcode 8, and switching your Xcode version when needed.

Please note that Xamarin Test Cloud will always run iOS 9 and older device tests using UIAutomation. No additional steps are required to test these devices in the cloud.

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  • EvgenyPopovEvgenyPopov USMember

    Does it support WKWebView?

  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

    @Glenn.Wilson - Is there any timescale for adding Windows support to UITest, so that the same set of tests can run across Android, iOS and Windows platforms?

  • Nomad461Nomad461 USMember ✭✭

    Is there a time frame for supporting the current NUnit? NUnit 2.6.4, the currently supported version, was released in 2014.

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