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Amazon AWS - Push Notification

RianDutraRianDutra USMember ✭✭

I have an app (Xamarin Forms) and I'm trying to configurate the Amazon Web Services to send push notifications.
I've already set the Google Firebase project and I'm able to receive messages directly from there in my Android app.
The code I based on is the Amazon one:

The issue right now is: how can I send push notification to all users?
I didn't understand how Amazon AWS works and its documentation is a little bit confusing.

I tried to publish a message directly to an application but it does not work withou a topic, but I don't know how to set a topic and subscribe ALL users.
All tutorials I've watched only show how to set a topic using email... but, in my case it is an app which uses a webservice.

How should I set the Amazon AWS to send push notification to the users?


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