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Why is the Xamarin.Forms Listview for Android, still referencing iOS?

MikeBurgessMikeBurgess USMember
edited April 2017 in Workbooks & Inspector

I'm trying to put together some workbooks for Xamarin.Forms and was hoping to use this as an example.

As soon as you open it - you know somethings not right.
A little hack to demo Xamarin.Forms on iOS with Workbooks...

I was hoping this was just a typo, but:

#r "Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS"
#r "Xamarin.Forms.Core"
#r "Xamarin.Forms.Xaml"
#r "Xamarin.Forms.Platform"
#r "Newtonsoft.Json"


  • prashantvcprashantvc USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Could you be more specific? Please link the workbook file you're using.

    Are you referring to this workbook?

    It's an Xamarin.Forms for iOS example, so referring to Xamarin.iOS

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