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Why is Test Cloud So Slow?

I would like to start by saying how great the technology is.

I am however a little confused on the time it takes to run the tests on Test Cloud and is there a way we can speed it up.

If I run the test suite locally it takes around 20-30 minutes.

The same project in Test Cloud takes twice as long sometimes more (63 minutes on the last run)

This is not run time, this is device time.


  • Kent.GreenKent.Green USXamarin Team Xamurai

    When you run in the test cloud there are a number of steps taken to ensure the device is in a pristine state both for the integrity of the starting state of your application and also for security purposes. The app is also installed onto the device. That is part of your device time as you have exclusive use of the device while that is happening. Also, if you are contacting a web server it may take longer from the Test Cloud due to geography / internet routing and the possibility that multiple clients can be hitting your server at the same time.

    There are techniques that can be used to more quickly get an app into a known testable state to minimize time spent using the apps UI to create that state. See: or (depending on which framework you're using.)

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