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Components inside Table view cell is not working properly


I have customised a native android edittext and added a button along with it using linear layout. While porting this component to xamarin.Forms and using inside Table view's view cells it is not working properly.

<TableView Intent="Form"> <TableView.Root> <TableSection Title="Getting Started"> <ViewCell > <StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal"> <native:customEdit IsEnabled="true" HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand" /> <Entry Text="Select"/> </StackLayout> </ViewCell> </TableSection> </TableView.Root> </TableView>

The problem I face is my custom edit control is not editable while clicking on it. When click on the near by entry text and while re clicking to custom control, it works fine.

Note: I face this problem only while using inside TableView. It is fine with direct stacklayout and grid etc. I have tried forcing to focus. but nothing works.

Anyone faced similar issue or any solution to this problem.?


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