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storyboard load issue

JackBOYJackBOY NOMember

hello I develop iOS apps in visual studio Mac preview. but visual studio keeps crashing. my code gets autosaved but my storyboard is empty. but when I run the app everything loads! Its very hard to continue working on my project when I can’t see what was previously there on the storyboard.


  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai


    When does Visual Studio for Mac (VS4M) crash? Is it random or does it happen after a particular action(s)? Can you share the IDE logs [1] after the app crashes? Also can you share your version information [2]?

    Also have you tried closing and re-opening your storyboard file when you relaunch VS4M after it crashes? It may also help to clean and rebuild your iOS project after the crash.

    [1] IDE Logs
    The VS4M log files can be found from Help -> Open Log Directory. Select all of the files in that directory and zip them and attach to your reply, or if you like you can PM me with the log files attached if you don't want them public on this thread. .

    [2] Version Information
    In VS4M, version information can be obtained by navigating to: Visual Studio -> About Visual Studio -> Show Details -> Copy Information button.

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