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Any new(ish) Xamarin books that would be relevant and/or up to date? Or, would Xamarin University be the best bet for learning Xamarin to the fullest potential?

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  • SeanBlaskoSeanBlasko CABeta ✭✭

    Thanks for all the suggestions Guy!

  • Hello,

    Maybe someone knows .. I'm following Xamarin forms book by Charles Petzold. And stuck. I'm using Xamarin Studio Community on a Mac computer. In chapter 2 there is information about Hello.cs. Do not know why but cannot see this file.


  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    @SeanBlasko - another good book recommendation is Xamarin In Action from Manning. It's up to date as in it's still being written! You can get the first 9 chapters 9 as part of their early access program and each new chapter as it is written. It focuses on building production quality Xamarin apps, so using MVVM (with examples using MvvmCross), building, testing, deploying, monitoring etc. Also the author is one of the greatest Xamarin developers in the world ( :p ).

    You can get it from http://xam.jbb.io and use code 'ssbennett' to get 42% off.

  • avitaavita AUMember ✭✭

    Check out the new edition of Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android – Second Edition. You can buy it from Amazon.

    By the way, I am the author of this book.


    This example-oriented guide provides a practical approach to quickly learn the fundamentals of Android app development using C# and Xamarin.Android. It will lead you through building an Android app step-by-step with steadily increasing complexity.

    Beginning with an overview of the Android and Xamarin platforms to provide you with a solid understanding of the underlying platform, we gradually walk through building and testing a Points of Interest Android app using C# and the Xamarin.Android product. You will learn to create ListView and add detail view to your Android application. You will handle application behaviors on orientation changes, before learning the different techniques to manage resources and layouts to support multiple screen sizes. You will then access a SQLite database in a cross-platform way and add location features to your application. Finally, you will add camera integration to your application and deploy your app to the various Android app stores.

    About This Book

    Build and test multi-view Android applications using Xamarin.Android
    Work with device capabilities such as location sensors and the camera
    A progressive, hands-on guide to develop stunning Android applications using Xamarin

    What You Will Learn

    Build a multi-view, orientation-aware Android application with navigation
    Lay out content using the LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, and TableLayout layout managers
    Use a ListView (AdapterView) and Adapter to build a view that is populated from server data
    Consume REST web service to perform GET, UPDATE, DELETE operation
    Use Android SQLite for data persistence and caching
    Capture the current location of a device, determine the street address, and integrate with the map app
    Test, debug, and deploy an Android app
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    If “Use XAML for user interface files” was checked at creation, that may be why things look a little different. Attached are a couple screenshots of the solution pad for both unchecked and checked. Just in case you haven't already seen them, here are some related resources that may be interesting:

    One small note: in general, we recommend creating a new forum discussion or question for topics different from that of the original thread. This helps new posts get maximum exposure and improves the chances of community input, and also helps other users find relevant threads when searching for issues. Thanks!

  • Hello everyone.

    Many thanks for your reply.

    @Ashley Gazich - You are right , indeed the option at the beginning of project creation steps changes the thing. Your screenshots were very helpful, thanks again - also will follow your advice regarding posting questions.

    @JimBennett - The book looks so promising so that I bought it ( thanks for discount code :smile: ) .

    @Avitajoseph - Have not had a time to look at , but will do, for sure. From your description I can see the book is mostly Android oriented, meanwhile my goal is to be able write an app for iOS and Android using Xamarin.forms. Anyway big thanks for reference and as I said, will give it a try.


  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks @GabrielKieruzel - as it's still a work in progress I value all feedback. If something doesn't make sense, or is missed let me know and I can try to fix it.

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