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I am new to Xamarin development. I am really confused on how the emulators work. From what I understood, there are 2 places where emulators can be installed. Hyper-V and the Android Virtual Device Manager(AVD). On my system, I have a 5 inch KitKat and a 7 inch KitKat under the Hyper-v Manager.

Have AVD_GalaxyNexus_ToolsForApacheCordova, Phone_armeabi-v7a_ToolsForApacheCordova, Phone_x86_ToolsForApacheCordova, Tablet_armeabi-v7a_ToolsForApacheCordova, Tablet_x86_ToolsForApacheCordova under the AVD. I think these are installed by the Android sdk Manager.

When I debug the app using the Hyper -v emulators it is fast. The AVD's are really slow.

I am truing to use google play services in the app. So I need google APIS. Noticed that Phone_x86_ToolsForApacheCordova in avd has Google apis. When I try to run that I get an error asking me to turn off Hyper-v. I am really consfused how these emulators work. Can someone help me understand what these 2 different ways are?

ANDROI~1\tools\emulator.EXE -partition-size 512 -no-boot-anim -avd Phone_x86_ToolsForApacheCordova -prop monodroid.avdname=Phone_x86_ToolsForApacheCordova
2>emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
2>Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
2>CPU acceleration status: Please disable Hyper-V before using the Android Emulator. Start a command prompt as Administrator, run 'bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off', reboot.
2>Emulator Phone_x86_ToolsForApacheCordova cannot be started.

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