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After updating android support library to v25.1.0 AppCompatActivity is not working.

I have updated Xamarin.Android.Support to 25.1.0 styles.xml resources not working.

using System;

using Android.App;
using Android.Content.PM;
using Android.Runtime;
using Android.Views;
using Android.Widget;
using Android.OS;

namespace App2.Droid
[Activity(Label = "App2", Icon = "@drawable/icon", Theme = "@style/MainTheme", MainLauncher = true, ConfigurationChanges = ConfigChanges.ScreenSize | ConfigChanges.Orientation)]
public class MainActivity : Android.Support.V7.App.AppCompatActivity
protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)




This is my Main Code


  • oscarifoscarif MXMember


    Apparently the libraries were restructured.

    I had the same problem but when i add via nuget package, automatically where added and whith that the AppCompatActivity class appears.

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