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Can we connect an Xcode project with Xamarin Project?

Can we connect a Xcode project with Xamarin Project? I have a Xcode project and am currently working on Xamarin, I am looking to combine both of them. Is it possible?
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  • JGoldbergerJGoldberger USMember, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team, University Xamurai

    If your XCode project is an Obj-C (not Swift) library project, you could create a binding to use the library from your Xamarin iOS Project. If your XCode project is an iOS app project, then no. You could possibly use your existing storyboards from the XCode project, but I suspect this will not be easy as you would have to create Xamarin C# classes to line up with the Obj-C classes that your storyboard references. But any Obj-C/Swift code would have to be ported to Xamarin.iOS.

  • I am afraid, its going to be a iOS App Project

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