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Why doesn't CCAudioEngine work in some devices?

I'm currently developing a videogame using CocosSharp. I'm using the CCAudioEngine to play both background music and sound effects. In the Android device I'm using to develop, everything works fine, but after running it in another Android phone, the sound effects don't work. Why is this happening? Is it the audio format? I'm using .WAV for the sound effects.

I also decided to test something simpler, so I downloaded CCAudioEngineSample and ran it with no modifications. Still, one device plays it and the other one is mute.

The device this is not working on is a HTC One M9, running Android 6.0.



  • ProcogProcog GBMember ✭✭

    Arturo have you used the Monogame content pipeline to process your .wav into .xnb files? I have done this and mine work ok on both Moto-G running Marshmallow and ZTE running lollipop 5.1. Unfortunately I don't have a HTC One M9 to test on.

  • ballieballie BHMember ✭✭

    Have you do restart? If no then do it. Because any bug that causing issue in application running will be surely remove by restart. Are you using new latest version of CCAUDIO ENGINE? If not then, install its update. If again the same issue persits, then there might be problem in your phone. So diganose it and troubleshoot according to Htc One M9 Manual.

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