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Using multiple xcassets in one solution


I would like to use multiple xcassets but not in the same project.
So I have a solution which contains :

  • An iOS Library called myFramework.iOS
  • A PCL called myPCL.core
  • An iOS app called myAppiOS.iOS

And I would like to create an xcassets in my iOS Library and insert some image.
But I have already an xcassets in my iOS application.

The aim of this, is to override the image in the iOS library by the image in my iOS application.

For example in my iOS library I have an Image named mickey.png and another one named donald.png
and in my iOS application I have the mickey.png (but it's another mickey image).

How can I override the iOS Library xcasset by the IOS application xcasset ?

If I want to do that, it's because I will have many application which will use myFramework.iOS and I will need the image of this framework.
That is to not duplicate some image in all the project.

Thank's in advance,




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