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Can't renew license in Xamarin store

geoffsgeoffs USUniversity ✭✭

We had been evaluating Mono for Android. Our 'trial' license has now expired, and we are unable to renew/activate a 'starter' license through the xamarin store. We are not ready to purchase a paid license yet, as we are in the very early prototyping page.

The issues are:
1) Xamarin studio starts fine, upon compilation 'Xamarin Studio did not find a current license for your account. You must renew to continue using Biz Edition; otherwise you may use Starter'. Clicking the presented 'Use Starter Edition' button does nothing, and compilation fails regardless

2) Clicking 'Purchase a License' opens and presents options to 'choose plan'. 'Starter' has no buy button, only download - which is useless.

3) Manually opening then selecting 'Licensing' offers 'Renew Subscription' button. This looks promising - selected plan 'starter', add 1xAndroid seat, order summary $0.00. Confirm details and enter credit card (why?)... but when you click 'Complete Purchase' the message 'Cart failure' appears and you go nowhere.

Could someone at Xamarin please investigate quickly. We are looking at buying 3 - 5 Enterprise licenses subject to the success of the prototype internally to management, and the timeline for budget submission is rapidly diminishing.



  • LluisSanchezLluisSanchez ESXamarin Team Xamurai

    Please contact [email protected]

  • geoffsgeoffs USUniversity ✭✭

    Just fired off an email. Thanks.

  • WrdaWrda USMember
    edited April 2013

    I have same problem as geoffs. Developed two weeks with starter license, but since yesterday I cannot compile my app or any other newly created. When I try to build my solution following dialog appears:

    Xamarin Studio did not find a current Xamarin.Android tense for your account.
    You must renew your license to continue using Business Edition; otherwise, you may use Starter Edition

    • Purchase a license
      Purchase a license for updates and additional features.

    • Use Starter Edition
      Freely create small apps with limited access to some features.

    When I click "Use Starter Edition" nothing happens and same error continues to diplay "Error XA9010: Unable to determine license edition."

    I tried to renew starter license on but I allways get "Invalid cart" error while trying to purchase ($0.00 is order summary; my card is valid).

  • DanielOttDanielOtt USMember

    I'm having the same problem. Doesn't really make me want to buy it if it doesn't work to begin with...

  • mhutchmhutch USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    We have a fix for the XA9010 error which should be in an upcoming release. If you're seeing this, or if you're having issues with the store, please contact [email protected]

  • FuTilFuTil USMember

    I have the same problem and I can not renew starter licens on!

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