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How to Modify and Test Nuget Package Xamarin Media Plugin?

Hi, in Xamarin Media Plugin when I take a picture I have two options, save or discard the photo. But i want to add a popup question asking if the user really want to discard the photo. I already downloaded the package from github and made some changes where I think I have to change. I made the change only for Android, so in src/Media.Plugin.Android/MediaImplementation.cs I changed the line that set null to media picker when user press Cancel Button.

To make the changes I opened src/Media.sln solution on Visual Studio. Is that right or I have to do something else?

Anyway, my question for now is not actually what to change, i'll try to figure out what if my changes is wrong, what I want to know is how I can test that change? Do I have to create my own Nuget Package? How I do this? When i type Nuget Spec no Package Manager Console it's not being recognized, so I'm kind of stuck on this.


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