How to link 3rd party framework on Xamarin Studio like a Xcode

simeon_Msimeon_M USMember ✭✭

Dear Xamarin.Mac Guys.

I'd like to use 3rd party library as framework on Xamarin.Mac.

This library has 4 frameworks as attached screen shot of Xcode.
Lib_A.framework, Lib_B.framework, Lib_C.framework are only have links.
Lib_ABC_Runtime.framework have many actual binaries.

In Xcode, I can set up this library as attached.
Xcode have two different phases .
- Link Binary with Libraries
- Copy Files

In Xamarin Studio.
I added in Native references Lib_ABC_Runtime.framework , but I got link error as below.
ld : framework not found Lib_ABC_Runtime.framework.

Does anyone know how to link frameworks like a Xcode ?

Best regards.



  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I would suggest two things:

    • Try adding native references in your XS project just like Xcode (If you have four link withs in xcode, do same in XS)
    • Post more of the error (preferably full build log). Reading the build log is likely the key to understanding what is going on.
  • simeon_Msimeon_M USMember ✭✭

    Thank you for your response.
    I forgot to say one important thing. I'd like sign my application.

    If I added 4 frameworks on Native references, Code sign process will fail.
    Because, Lib_A,Lib_B,Lib_A are not signed.
    Only Lib_ABC_Runtime was signed by 3rd party.

    In Xcode. sign check is processed only Copy files phase.
    Therefore, there is no problem.

    In Xamarin Studio, Mac code sing will fail by unsigned Lib_A,Lib_B and Lib_C.

    I'll confirm about Full build log.

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