Load Operation Failed Alert after Updating Xamarin Studio to Version 6.2

KquaneKquane USUniversity

Prior to updating to Xamarin Studio Version 6.2 I was able to open preExisting Projects without issue.
As soon as i update to 6.2 I receive several Warnings and an Exception/Alert that States "Load Operation Failed".

Below is a screen shot of the alert( the above part is missing as it is sensitive information)

Regardless the alert says: "Error while trying to load the project : Could not load type 'NuGet.Packaging.PackagesConfigReaderException' from assembly 'NuGet.Packaging, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"

Has anybody run into anything similar?

Does anybody have a solution?

Best Answer

  • KquaneKquane US
    Accepted Answer

    A system Restart resolved the problem.


  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    Is there anything in the IDE logs? Help - Open Log Directory.

    Do you have any third party addins installed?

  • KquaneKquane USUniversity
    Accepted Answer

    A system Restart resolved the problem.

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