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Offline Sync using Azure Mobile Apps in Xamarin Forms not working

I have followed nearly every tutorial I can get my hands on and set up my solution accordingly using Xamarin Studio. I have installed all the relevant nugget packages and made all the relevant config changes in the projects.

BUT the following 2 lines of code don't seem to do anything:

await this.todoTable.PullAsync("allTodoItems", this.todoTable.CreateQuery());

IEnumerable items = await todoTable .ToEnumerableAsync();

I am expecting the above to lines to connect to the azure backend and retrieve data to sync. The link to the azure backend is below and it works properly as it returns the necessary data.

My full test code is located at the github repo below, can someone assist as I am at my wits end.


  • AllanPeadAllanPead ZAInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭

    @RaphaelBongomin the github repo you posted is not public. But without looking at the actual code, your example here is using the entity todo. You don't seem to have a todo table on your azure backend.

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