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Stable Channel (except VS 2017): Cycle 9 Service Release 0

BrendanZagaeskiBrendanZagaeski USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

Please see for the details about this release, including the steps to update or downgrade as needed.

For Visual Studio 2017 users, the next available Xamarin update in the Visual Studio Installer will combine the fixes from this service release with the features from the current Alpha feature preview. Watch for more news on that update over the course of this week.

High visibility fixes

Among the fixes as mentioned in the release notes, this release includes fixes for the top visibility issues from Cycle 9 (specifically, bug reports from the "Cycle 9" list that had at least 3 users on CC as of March 6):

  • [Xamarin.VS]52760 – Breakpoints non-functional and exception call stacks show user code as "External Code" for PCLs referenced by PCLs on both Android and iOS

  • [Xamarin.VS] – 52695 – VS 2015 now hangs when opening solution that contains a Xamarin.Android project

  • [Xamarin.Android]52845 – Satellite assemblies not bundled when using "Bundle assemblies into native code" due to "unknown escape sequence" error from gcc during mkbundle step

The latest pre-release versions of the Xamarin.Forms NuGet package (version 2.3.4-pre3 or higher) contain a fix for the 1 other top visibility bug from the list (as of March 6):

  • [Xamarin.Forms]52706 – The Xamarin Forms Previewer now does not apply implicit styles

Other fixes

(Note that the bug IDs in this query include some non-public bugs.)

Bug reports wanted!

  • Please file a quick bug report using the "Cycle 9" new bug form if you see any suspicious behavior in these versions that you wish to report.

    • If you get any errors when using the form to submit, please select the All Products option and choose the desired product.
  • You can also check the list of remaining issues reported by users so far for the Cycle 9 Stable channel versions to see if any match. If you find a match, feel free to CC yourself on the bug report as a way to tally your interest in the bug:

    Xamarin "Cycle 9" user-submitted bugs list, excluding issues now fixed in Service Release 0

    (If you have reported an issue that is specific to the latest Cycle 9 versions but is not yet included in the list, the bug might not have been filed using the "Cycle 9" new bug form. Those bugs will be added to the Cycle 9 list as they are reviewed by the team.)

  • Comment in this forum thread if your question is not related to a suspicious behavior after download, but instead one of the following:

    • You notice an error in the Release Blog post.
    • You have trouble downloading one of the installer packages.


  • QuakeulfQuakeulf NOMember ✭✭✭


    Is my issue with not being able to start the emulator anymore (it worked in the previous Cycle) a bug or something else?

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