Xamarin and drones

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I have a drone that is controlled by an app in the phone (iOS and Android). http://www.cheersonhobby.com/productShow.asp?id=3665 You can find them on Google Play and Apple Store under the name: CX-10WiFi.

Right now I want to try to write my own code and control my drone via a Xamarin app instead.

The drone itself has a wifi-connection that you need to connect your phone to in order to make the connection with the phone-drone to work.

I started very briefly with a "ConsumerIrManager"-code in Xamarin.Android but I think that is the wrong approach. (https://github.com/xamarin/monodroid-samples/blob/master/ApiDemo/Hardware/ConsumerIr.cs)

It would be cool to get a discussion going about how you can create dronecontrols in xamarin.
What I ultimately want to achieve is to for example write in code so that the drone flies 3m up and then down.


  • GregNovakGregNovak USMember

    Wondering if you got anywhere with writing a custom wifi drone app? I just purchased the Eachine E50 and started wondering the same thing.

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